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Livestock Milk Replacers & Quality Feed Products

ROYAL MILC, INC. manufactures or distributes calf, pig, foal, kid, and lamb milk replacers, whole milk extenders and
fortifiers,  (medicated and non-medicated formulas), milk and fat base mixes, prestarter milk replacer pellets, NT-medicated scour treatments, electrolytes, feed acidifiers, soluble vitamin supplements, chelated trace minerals, immunoglobulins, antibodies , probiotics (direct-fed microbials), prebiotics (FOB, MOS), soluble silage and forage inoculants, granular dry silage inoculant base mixes, hay preservatives, somatic cell reducing feed additives for TMR, herbal nutraceuticals, yeast products
(Saccharomyces cerevisiae), and waste water treatments for use in livestock and agricultural production.

Commitment to Quality & User Satisfaction
milk-replacersFor over 35 years, ROYAL MILC, INC. has manufactured its products from the highest grades of ingredients available at our plant in Lakeville, MN. Together with modern processing methods, quality control and a full range of nutritional and technical assistance obtained from over 75 years of experience in the milk replacer industry, the resulting product quality, consistency, price and service means increased value for our customers. We strive to make feeding and using our products simple, effective, safe, cost effective and profitable. Our aim is your success and total satisfaction.

Individualization of your product

ROYAL MILC, INC. specializes in private label packaging of its products for distribution by  feed, dairy supply, livestock production, veterinary supply and farm supply outlets. We can personalize your livestock milk replacers or other products with FDA approved medications, probiotics, prebiotics, electrolytes, acids, nutracuticals, additional vitamins and minerals to meet your requirements.  Call for details 1-800-690-9870 or start here.