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Private Label Milk Replacer

Put your own label on our industry-leading milk replacer products.

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Royal Milc’s Private Label Program

Our popular private label program allows you to put your own label on our industry-leading formulas, or create your own personalized product with FDA approved medications! 

Expand your brand and take control of your messaging, all while using expertly-delevoped products that are guaranteed effective when used as directed. 

We offer private label milk replacer products for a number of animals, including calves, piglets, kids, foals, and lambs. We also have multi-species milk replacers, fortifiers, and whole milk extenders.

Private Label Milk Replacer

Benefits of Private Label Milk Replacer


Improved Branding

You can create your own unique label to promote customer recognition, and easily advertise your own exclusive product line. 


Industry-Leading Products

All of our formulas are proven effective, easy to use, are delivered with clear ingredients and instructions, and are affordable.


More Revenue

Our private label milk replacers often lead to higher profit margins for distributors, and allow you to manage an exclusive line.

Request More Information About Our Program

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We’ll Individualize Your Product

We specialize in private label packaging of products for distribution by feed, dairy supply, livestock production, veterinary supply and farm supply outlets. Our private label milk replacer program allows you to personalize your products with FDA approved medications, probiotics, prebiotics, electrolytes, acids, nutracuticals, additional vitamins and minerals to meet your requirements.  Call for details 1-800-690-9870 or start here.